Tooth Ache

We Can Stop The Pain

If you are suffering because of tooth pain, you know that it can cause many problems, performing daily tasks, talking and eating can all be affected. What can you do to ease the misery of a tooth ache? For some tooth aches, simple home remedies can help, for others you will need the help of your dentist.

Home Relief of Tooth Aches

Straightforward tooth aches can be solved at home. You can start by simply rinsing your mouth which will clear debris which could be irritating your teeth. You should not place an aspirin between your gum and tooth to try alleviate the pain. Doing this can actually harm the gum tissue. Contact your dentist for more information or tips if you are unsure what to do if you have a tooth ache.

A Broken Tooth

If you break or dislodge a tooth, don’t panic! If you act quickly and take care of the tooth, it should have no problems healing. In cases where the tooth has actually been knocked out, try to place it back in to its socket while waiting to see the dentist.

You should gently rinse your mouth to get rid of debris and any blood which may be in your mouth. Apply a cold compress on the cheek at the area which has been affected. This will help relieve irritation and reduce swelling. If you are unable to replace the tooth, avoid touching the root and store it in milk, saline, or your own saliva. It is vital that you keep it submerged in the solution until you get to your dentist’s office or emergency room.

A Fractured Tooth

If you fracture a tooth, first, rinse your mouth with warm water and place a cold pack on the cheek to prevent irritation and swelling. Ibuprofen can also be used to help reduce the swelling. When the fracture is minor and the pulp has not been affected, the tooth may just need to be sanded by your dentist to restore it. Do not hesitate in coming to our office for tooth care, fractured teeth require immediate attention to prevent further problems.

Contact our office in Libertyville to find out more information on how your dentist can help prevent tooth ache pain.