Common Myths and Misconceptions About Dentures

According to the American Academy of Prosthodontics, about 23 people in the United States have no teeth at all, and 90 percent of those people do have dentures. For many years, dentures have been the go-to solution for people with no teeth, but there are also a lot of myths about dentures that prevent people who could benefit from dentures from actually getting them.

Myth: Dentures always look fake.

If someone has dentures that look fake, they have a low-quality set of dentures. You can go to those cheap denture places and get dentures made in a hurry for a low cost, but the best dentures are made taking several steps in the process. For example, when you get high-quality dentures, the dentist will:

  • Match the synthetic gum tissue to the shade of your gums
  • Take measurements of your mouth to ensure the prosthetic teeth are the proper height and shape
  • Use shading to ensure your teeth are not overly white for your skin tone

Myth: Dentures stain a lot easier than natural teeth.

On the contrary, dentures do not stain as easily as natural teeth. The teeth that dentures have are made out of a composite or resin material that has a sealant on it to thwart problems with stains. You can also prevent stains by brushing your dentures regularly, soaking them in a cleaning solution when you are not wearing them, and avoiding drinking or eating things that are likely to stain, such as coffee or soft drinks.

Myth: Dentures always move around in your mouth.

When dentures are made correctly, they will not shift around or move in your mouth when you speak or chew. Dentures should be made in a way that they almost adhere via suction to the top of your mouth. More people have issues with lower-arch dentures than they do upper arches. Nevertheless, most people can have success with a lower arch if they are made by a true professional.

Work with Dental Health and Beauty and Dr. Nicholas Polito DDS for New Dentures

When dentures are made by a team of skilled professionals, they can be a perfectly apt way to regain your smile. Reach out to us at Dental Health and Beauty and Dr. Nicholas Polito DDS in Libertyville, IL to schedule an appointment.

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